Motivation via Meditation Challenge

I am on an insane deadline. I just opened a business, a Healing Arts center focused on yoga and bodywork. I have 7 employees, 3 therapists renting space, 15 classes, 2 websites, payroll, and a very very long to-do list. I am also finishing some yoga teacher training work, as well as completing a both a 300-hour Yoga Therapy program and a 30-hour program Mentoring for ANxiety, Depression, and Trauma-related stress. My step-daughter has been here, visiting from Virginia, off school. My son is in Honor Band. I am about to go out of town for training, gone for two weeks.  I have homework to finish. I have work work, so much work work. So I when I saw the 30-day Meditation Challenge being offered at It’s All Yoga, I knew this was something I needed to help me find balance within my crazy schedule and very full home life. I also knew that regular meditation would help me focus on all the writing and homework. PLus, I love the teacher. So I signed up.

The first group meditation was great. 20 minutes went by in both an eternity and a flash. Yoga class afterward with Carrie was amazing. I hovered in Chatarunga. I felt FANTASTIC afterward. All day I carried with me this Yoga and Meditation High. The next day, i did not meditate. Or the day after, not even the day after that. Today, I felt the panic rising as I see deadlines looming before me. I sat here at the computer looking for tools to help me get this massive pile of work done. I played Bach, then Beethoven. And i reached out to my Facebook friends, asking for motivating vibes. I needed help.

Then I checked my email. There was a new message from Jeanne, the meditation-challenge teacher. It was sent at about the same I was facebooking for help. She offered some tools, one of them was a video. With her smiling face. It was short and sweet, and among other helpful things gave me permission to meditate for 5-minutes, 3 days this week. I can do that, said I. I felt better suddenly. I noticed a Cat Stevens video on the sidebar. I pushed play and got comfortable in a sitting position and prepared to meditate. I decided I would sit through 2 songs.

I normally prefer to meditate in silence. I usually have no trouble finding stillness in meditation, but I don’t do it very often. So if doing it more often means experiencing some discomfort, I am game. I am willing to move through discomfort to find the benefits of meditation, which are many. Lower stress levels. Increased Peace of mind. Greater ability to focus. Fewer anxiety attacks. Better coping skills. These are just my personal benefits. There is a long list of clinical benefits, but those are not my focus today. no, today I just needed to find stillness for 5 minutes, and I needed help.

“Oh, young one” started playing. My mind was chattering. So many ideas firing. Return to the breath. The body was so uncomfortable. Return to the breath. The belly is so tight. Return to the breath. Two minutes and 41 seconds. Then silence while the song changed, now “Father and son”. More ideas. More returning to the breath. Then, just as the song ended, stillness arrived. Suddenly, breath moved freely up the spine, in a moment of exquisite physical comfort and ease, and the mind became one-pointed. In that one beautiful moment, my mind was still, my body was comfortable, and i could feel my breath in every cell, every fiber, all through my body. Then i opened my eyes, noticed how long that song was, thought about blogging, and came back to my to-do list. But I did so with a smile on my face, an ease to my posture, and an ease of breath.

So now I shall tackle this to-do list. I feel prepared. I feel motivated. Meditation challenge accepted. Thanks, Jeanne. Namaste.


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