final weekend

i guess its been awhile since i posted here. i haven’t done the homework for wks 8 and 9, but i am going to be gentle with myself and give myself some space to complete them next week. for now i am pretty excited that i am mostly finished with the final week’s homework.

i have alot of stuff to “word vomit”. svadhyaya for example. self-study. i am grateful to mary pafford and gary krafstow for expanding my thinking in regards to self-study. for many many years i have been resistent to journaling. hate the idea of it, i have mentioned that before in this space. but these articles really challenge my notion that svadhyaya needs to be a formal journaling process, and allows room for my rebellious nature to embrace self-study in spite of myself. i actually have been actively engaged in self-study for years, most actively since working to salvage myself through process of divorce. mirrors to my behavior are available in plentiful supply and i have enjoyed my progress in rear-view mirror perspective.

something from the weekend: business talk with tami. the business of yoga. for 2 years i have been preparing to start my yoga therapy business, but have felt out of my depth until recently. the exercises we did during our time with tami were very helpful in defining how i want to offer myself to students/clients/patients. also confronting that inner critic that would expose me as a fraud has become easier lately, the subject keeps coming up. at this moment i have an oportunity to grow my bodywork and therapeutic yoga business into a glorious healing arts center in the heart of my neighborhood, an underserved community waiting for the richness of a multi-disciplinary healing arts center. this last couple weeks of homework/instruction/etc has helped me put my business plan in writing (FINALLY!!) and make reasonable financial projections and turn them into a lease proposal that is being considered at this very moment. this time next month i shall be opening oak park healing arts, a collective of complementary alternative health practitioners with classes and workshops plus a full yoga schedule and onsite therapeutic bodywork. without tami’s defining questions i might still be fussing over how to present my idea, but thanks to the answers in my notebook i had a framework for my mission statement and my personal resume. this is a work in progress, as am i.


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