weekend #7 reflections

20151020_081806_HDRthis is my initial “brain dump” for the homework sequence this week. i sometimes have a hard time getting started, and this week is no different. but i had a pose in mind, wheel, and i wanted my sequence to build to it nicely and have a nice counter/cooling sequence at the end, so i just started writing down poses. i wrote my peak pose in the middle of the page and started filling in around it. when i exhausted my store of ideas, i went looking through google to fill in the sequence. i also wanted to highlight the basic actions, centered and internally rotated thighs, strong shoulders, and backbends. i am pleased with my result, and though i realize this sequence might be hard for a beginner, my study partner likes challenging yoga so i created a class that might be difficult for some, like me, but hopefully will be fun for eva, and let her come up to her edge a bit.

observations and reflections: writing a class sequence shouldn’t take this long. 2 hours. i look forward to practicing more and getting into a routine of sequence writing so that it doesn’t take all day. i observed bella’s class last friday evening, let it roll, and i noticed that her language consistently came back to her theme and peak awareness. we talked a bit afterward, and she said that it comes with practice. i am excited about team teaching next month with eva and theresa, and the opportunity to practice not only teaching the poses but also developing my own enthusiastic presence. practice practice practice.


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