weekend #6

this was a big weekend for me.

i loved our friday evening session with denice. the asana was great for me, nice slow groin and hip work. i tried to use one of her pose sequences in my 60 minute sequence, didn’t quite get it right but i will keep trying. it started with one-legged happy baby, morphed into head to big toe, then into an extended crosses over the other side of the body. using a strap around foot. it felt amazing on the outer hip, and i liked the way denice guided us into a fuller opening by asking us to try lower the sit bone closer to the floor. it worked for me.

i really enjoyed althea’s talk. i am excited about completing my own yoga therapy training, and her talk inspired me. she filled in some gaps around how to apply the knowledge. in particular i really liked her intake form, how she went from the physical body to the layers of the subtle body in her questions. very nice way to inquire.

another thing that made a big impression on me was michelle’s “campfire belly”. my lower belly was sore for DAYS, yet i was happy to feel my body at work. it was a powerful instruction for me, one i will use with students and clients as well as in my own practice. i have been mindful of campfire belly daily since last weekend!


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