“Like training a puppy, be kind, gentle, and consistent.” – What issue is arising for you right now around yoga and Asteya?

nischala joy devi offers this translation for Astheya – generosity, honesty. as in sutra 2.37 – Abiding in generosity and honesty (Astheya) material and spiritual prosperity is bestowed.

i steal time from myself on a regular basis with social media and a couple of other intensely wasteful activities. i am uncomfortable with admitting them all. my discomfort increases my discomfort.

if i am to be completely honest with myself, i need a break from social media and some of the other ocd behaviors i do when i can’t or don’t want to focus on what really needs to be done. this causes judgement in my mind.

“When you’re not where you are, you steal from yourself the experience of being alive in that moment. If you do that most of the time, you will miss your life.”

this feels like a good practice for me right now, to keep coming back to the present moment. and treat myself gently, like a puppy in training. https://yogainternational.com/article/view/3-ways-to-practice-asteya-non-stealing-on-your-mat

On the mat, in the moment:

  • To minimize stimulation and distraction during class, keep your eyes closed when possible or look at neutral objects in the room (a wall, your mat, or the floor) rather than at other people.
  • In each pose and transition, bring your attention back to the feelings in your body and the experience of breath, over and over. Like training a puppy, be kind, gentle, and consistent.
  • When the mind does wander off, relish the feeling of coming back. Get a felt sense of what it’s like to come back into your body and the joy of knowing the moment just as it is.

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